Tons Of Work


Tons of work to do this week. Actually, tons of work to do period. I’m a “just get it out of the way” person. I tend to think that it all needs to get done now. This evening I scheduled the posts for the e-comm site. This week I need to get back on track with the affiliate sites, starting with posting daily on the existing sites. The priorities after that are the e-commerce homepage which I am so tempted to outsource, but fear the costs, and site #3 theming. After that it’s the article submission for the e-commerce site.

This week I absolutely need to get both the homepage template and the site #3 theming done. Those are big jobs. I have no idea how I’m going to get them done. If I can’t get the theming for site #3 done, I have to start the articles over there. I think that’s what I’ll do so that I don’t have insurmountable tasks and feel useless in the end. I’ll do daily posts for all 3 sites and the e-commerce homepage. That’s feasible.

First $5 Day


Site #1: 3 articles
Site #2: 2 articles
Site #3: 1 article

I almost overlooked it completely. I did $5 yesterday. Sadly, I am not that enthused. I am so tired.

This brings to light a serious problem with Site #1. It’s not bringing in any money despite traffic. I’m going to have to change the theme in order to improve my ad placement. This is the reason why I don’t like right hand navigation: left or 3-column is the way to go. Once people read the content first, they only go to the right menu if they are purposely looking for something. On the other hand, novice web users still read the left column first. Despite the blatant block of content in the middle.

BTW, I tried in content, that did not work either. **Sigh**

My content girl has disappeared. I really hope I find someone else as good.

Under Pressure


So we turned AdWords on full throttle at the beginning of the year. I spend my evenings tweaking the copy to test ads for double digit CTR. Since we’re spending this money on AdWords we expected our sales to increase proportionately. They have not.

Last Friday I was in full panic mode. Today I had a severe panic attack. Yesterday we talked about it in our weekly meeting to try to figure out what our action would be. The beginning of January is usually dead in terms of traffic and sales, so we decided to give it another week at least. This is the week that things have to turn around. We looked at our logs, turned out we’re losing 75% of the people who start the checkout. Upon further investigation there was an SQL error in the cart on step 2. My partner fixed that so we’ll see what happens. The next thing to do would be to change the layout of the site. I’m not looking forward to that solution. I’m almost certain that the conversion issue is because of the error in the cart. Our conversion should bounce back to what it was once the error is fixed.

The previous paragraph may be a little cryptic, but I wrote all that to say that I’m stressed. Still working on the chart of accounts and getting everything set up in QuickBooks for the new company. Nevermind closing out last year so that we could file our taxes. It’s hectic.

BTW, anyone interested in writing for a women’s clothing blog?