Caring On Your Hardwood Floor

We all know that wood floors are especially charming. They are elegant and refined, and best of all; they are simple to keep clean. But that does not mean they do not stain. So today we tell you how to care for your hardwood floors regardless of their type and so you can learn more […]

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Baby Room Tips

When you are at home waiting for the arrival of a baby’s life suddenly becomes more hectic. Prospective parents begin to look at the house otherwise no matter how big or beautiful, or if you are ready to receive friends but how safe is for children and what we can put on removes or changes […]

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5 Advantages of Using a Concrete Floor

Using a concrete floor in the house actually has many advantages, though it looks look stiff and seem harsh. The concrete floor is able to include the industrialization era romance to your home. However, what are the advantages of applying the concrete floor? Consider the following: Environmentally friendly Concrete flooring is one of the environmentally […]

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Residential Roofing: Three Guidelines on Proper Care and Maintenance

The residential roof provides effective protection against the sun, storm, rainfall, snow and debris. Therefore, the feature will experience significant stress over time, which will translate into eventual wear and tear. If you do not perform regular maintenance on the structure, the normal wear will become accelerated degradation. Over time, your roof will fail, necessitating […]

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Tons Of Work

Tons of work to do this week. Actually, tons of work to do period. I’m a “just get it out of the way” person. I tend to think that it all needs to get done now. This evening I scheduled the posts for the e-comm site. This week I need to get back on track […]

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Article Submission

I spent the better part of a couple days looking for article “engines”, places where I could submit articles. They had to meet one critical criteria. The publisher’s site must have a backlink from the article site. In other words, my sole purpose for article submission on this round is link honey. I want the […]

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September Task List

I’m back from vacation. My intention was to leave on Wednesday so that I could use Thursday to recuperate, do work on Friday and enjoy the festivities at church this weekends, as well as fulfill a myriad of obligations. We did not leave until Thursday so the whole plan is out the window. I have […]

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Far, Far Behind

I feel so far behind. September is not as productive as I would like it to be and I am seriously contemplating stopping at 3 sites. I would have 5 in all, excluding the e-commerce site which is more like a business onto itself. Here is my update for the month so far: Do homepage […]

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Drudging Through

Site #1: 2 articles Site #2: 2 articles Site #3: 1 article [Before TV] I am dragging. I just want to sleep, but I persevere. I cranked out one article per site today and did the same yesterday. I have not done anything about the homepage yet, nor have I written anything for site #3. […]

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First $5 Day

Site #1: 3 articles Site #2: 2 articles Site #3: 1 article I almost overlooked it completely. I did $5 yesterday. Sadly, I am not that enthused. I am so tired. This brings to light a serious problem with Site #1. It’s not bringing in any money despite traffic. I’m going to have to change […]

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