Remodeling Bathroom Tips

Remodeling Bathroom Tips


There are moments in our life that we realize that our house needs some reform to adapt it to the new times or simply to make it more functional. Within this world of renovations the bathroom is usually one of the parts of the house that most changes suffer. When making changes in the bathroom it seeks to improve the benefits but also reduce the expense mainly in water.

Changing the bathtub by a shower tray is usually one of the most demanded solutions. With this fact we managed to optimize the space while at the same time obtaining a series of advantages that bathtubs cannot provide us. The question is which shower dish is the most suitable? Today we want to talk about resin shower trays and the advantages they can offer.

What are Resin Shower Trays?

Most of us are accustomed to dealing with porcelain shower trays or acrylics. Currently they are the most used materials. Little by little, they are losing market in favor of shower trays of resin. These dishes are characterized by being made of a mixture of resins and pressed minerals. This makes them more resistant materials than fiberglass or acrylic. To all this must be added that they are composed of an impermeable material and can choose from various textures such as natural slate or natural stone.

All of the above allows creating a wide range of resin shower trays manufactured using the latest generation techniques that provide greater resistance to impacts flexing and durability. There are many models but we will highlight three that have attracted much attention in portal. These shower trays are characterized by a contemporary style and minimalist cut accentuated by the use of straight lines, giving rise to unique and very comfortable spaces. The dishes have a thickness of 3 cm providing a wide range of standard colors to which must be added the possibility to customize them . For greater security, it has a non-slip system type C3, antibacterial system and high resistance.

Shower Tray stone texture resin

This second type stands out for offering a very refined naturalness of the purest minerals. They are designed for all those who look for bathrooms in a sober but elegant style. Like the previous case, it has a wide range of colors and the possibility to customize it .

7 Easy Ways to Beautify Terrace Houses

7 Easy Ways to Beautify Terrace Houses


One way is easy, fast, and relatively cheap beautifying the front porch is the place potted plants hanging. There are some things you should consider in putting these hanging pots.

Here are tips for you:

First, choose a shape and material for the pot to taste. Most easily, you can buy plastic pots, clay or mine webbing available in supermarkets. Whatever the choice, make sure you know that the shape and type of pot to determine how to care, especially watering plants.

Secondly, you can choose pretty much any type of plants. Generally, all crops that can be grown in the ground, can also be grown in pots. Look for plants that will hang down. Such types of plants can make the patio more interesting. The plants of the family ivy, pothos, ferns, succulents, vines and annuals such as petunias, and geraniums will look gorgeous. Avoid the types of plants with extensive roots, such as the types of shrubs and trees.

Third, note the pattern of water channels in hanging pots. If you use a clay pot, add gravel, pieces of tiles, or anything that is able to provide space for running water so the roots do not rot. After the gravel, soil and plant new insert.

Fourth, water plants in hanging pots regularly. Because the soil in hanging pots tend to dry faster than soil. For plants that are exposed to direct sun exposure, should be watered twice a day (morning and afternoon).

Fifth, do not forget the fertilizer. Whatever the media cropping, plants need fertilizer. Thus, you should give regular fertilizer every month. Generally, plants need fertilizing flower crops more regularly than others. Match the plants with fertilizer suitable plants. Also make sure the fertilizer dose and mode of administration.

Ideally, in a potted plant one crop. If not, try these plants have a need to grow and the amount of sun exposure and the same water.

Finally, place the pots hanging on the outer edges of the patio. Avoid the entrance area or other areas with traffic intensity is high occupant. In addition, make sure the ceiling is also capable of withstanding a place to hang the pot. Congratulations decorate your porch!

5 Advantages of Using a Concrete Floor

5 Advantages of Using a Concrete Floor


Using a concrete floor in the house actually has many advantages, though it looks look stiff and seem harsh. The concrete floor is able to include the industrialization era romance to your home. However, what are the advantages of applying the concrete floor? Consider the following:

Environmentally friendly

Concrete flooring is one of the environmentally friendly material choice, especially if your home is from the beginning to use this type of floor. By not replacing the concrete floor, you have to participate to reduce the use of new materials. All you need to do is finish sanding and coating.

Easy Maintenance

Concrete floors tend to be easy to maintain. Only with a mop at least once a week is enough to maintain and clean the concrete floor. Because it does not require special care, using a concrete floor is also able to save on costs.

Various styles

You can make a variety of styles with a concrete floor. If you want a rustic impression, you can apply a matte finish. If you want a unique impression, you can also give color to the concrete floor. If you want a more modern impression, you can make a more glossy finish with acrylic sealer. Finishing with acrylic sealer will give the wet look effect.


Concrete floors classified material is durable and capable of up to hundreds of years old. In addition, as you get older your home, the floor will provide “a souvenir” of the authentic accent.

Fits inside and outside

Concrete floors can be “signed” in a variety of styles and a variety of uses indoor decoration. In fact, this type of flooring you can use for both exterior and interior. You can make a flowing transition from the exterior to the interior of your home. For the exterior, you only need at the silicon-based coatings to avoid the appearance of wet look.

Residential Roofing: Three Guidelines on Proper Care and Maintenance

Residential Roofing: Three Guidelines on Proper Care and Maintenance


The residential roof provides effective protection against the sun, storm, rainfall, snow and debris. Therefore, the feature will experience significant stress over time, which will translate into eventual wear and tear. If you do not perform regular maintenance on the structure, the normal wear will become accelerated degradation. Over time, your roof will fail, necessitating extensive repairs or even replacement. Therefore, you should understand the proper care and maintenance tasks required for roof durability and optimal performance. Here are some simple guidelines to get you started.


Professional Inspection

The condition of residential roofs can decline slowly without your notice, and this can translate into significant structural problems. For example, a small perforation on your metal roof can become a leak, allowing water to flow into the house. The moisture will cause rotting, mould and other problems. Therefore, you should engage expert technicians from A CLARK, a roofing company Calgary to examine your roofing structure periodically, at least once per year.

The objective of this type of regular assessment is to ensure that any problems are resolved before escalation. The roofers will also give you guidance on how to improve the performance of your roof. The common problems which should be considered during inspection include the absence of flashing, dents, mould growth and cracked caulking and mortar around roof joints. DIY inspection is possible but not advisable. The risk of injury is high, and you might not be able to identify problems.


Gutter Clean-Up

One of the most common problems which lead to premature roof damage and leaks is dirty gutters. These channels can easily accumulate leaves and debris, especially if your house is surrounded by trees. During dry weather, the material is not harmful. However, when it rains, the water will not be able to flow efficiently from the roof.

The amassed leaves will build a dam and prevent the water from going through the downpipes. Water can easily build up on the roof, weakening the joints and seams of the structure. Over time, you will get leakages, and the gutter will be damaged due to the exerted weight. Therefore, you should clear the roof plumbing regularly, particularly before rain or snow.


Perform Immediate Repairs

Finally, you should perform immediate repairs when you discover any form of damage to your roof. Typically, when the roof is exposed to a bad storm, the metal panels get dented or the tiles get cracked, you might notice the repercussions of the problem immediately. However, the destruction will spread over time and the restoration will be more expensive. Therefore, if you notice anomalies on your residential roof, consult a roofing company (Calgary) for emergency troubleshooting and repair.

Tons Of Work


Tons of work to do this week. Actually, tons of work to do period. I’m a “just get it out of the way” person. I tend to think that it all needs to get done now. This evening I scheduled the posts for the e-comm site. This week I need to get back on track with the affiliate sites, starting with posting daily on the existing sites. The priorities after that are the e-commerce homepage which I am so tempted to outsource, but fear the costs, and site #3 theming. After that it’s the article submission for the e-commerce site.

This week I absolutely need to get both the homepage template and the site #3 theming done. Those are big jobs. I have no idea how I’m going to get them done. If I can’t get the theming for site #3 done, I have to start the articles over there. I think that’s what I’ll do so that I don’t have insurmountable tasks and feel useless in the end. I’ll do daily posts for all 3 sites and the e-commerce homepage. That’s feasible.